Hello everyone.

We are the Well’come team of Rennes School of Business and our part is to welcome the international students of RSB.
Our goals can be sum up by our motto, “Aboard & Abroad”. Indeed, we are the first people international students see when they first arrive, welcoming them in the city and the school. We help them settle in this new country, so they can feel good and comfortable.
During the school year, we organize events that promote the different cultures, and encourage exchanges between French people and international students. We think that mixing foreigners with natives provide the best experience for both sides, so we can learn from each other.

We are glad to be the association between the school, the French students and the international students.
We have a total of 26 members.
The Well’come association is organized around 5 major divisions:
The Bureau takes care of the internal organization of the association, communicates with the administration, gives projects’ outlines, carries out procedures, and reviews the feasibility of the projects.
The Commercial Development division aims to develop the network of the association, to ensure the best contracts. They also try to find new opportunities, to help the Well’come Association get more benefits.
The Communication division is responsible for promoting the association and the events we organize within the school. They are also in charge of the team Well’come image and visibility.
The Event division is the keystone in the organization of activities that Well’come offers. It elaborates events, proposes new ideas to improve them, and plans them to ensure that everything is in order.
The Welcome division oversees the arrival periods in Rennes School of business. They help international students when they first arrive, and deal with the logistical and material preparations. By doing so, they realize the main goal of the Well’come Association: helping international students get along in the school and in the city.
Each division has their own responsibilities, however all members of the Well’come association attend every event to ensure its smooth running.

The Bureau:

TONJI Célia, President
CAPRON Corentin, Vice-president
DEIXONNE Coralie, Vice-president
BICHE Jeanne, Treasurer
CASAS Floriane, Secretary

The Communication division:

PIERSON Guillaume

The Event division:

DROLEZ Alexandre
MOREL Eloïse

The Commercial Development division:

ROTTER Florence
THOMAR Jean-Christophe
CARPE Hugues
EURY Louis

The Welcome division:

OUKILI Nora                FOREAU Emy
PRAT Coline
LE Alexandre

what we can’t do during the arrival period

After the welcome period, we remain free if you need any help or have any question, as long as we can help you. However, we are not willing to do things that we are not responsible of. We give you some examples. – We can’t help you to move out or move in. if you …

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Subscription at the buddy system

INTERNATIONAL VERSION  FRENCH VERSION BELOW THIS FORM At school, we have introduce a new system : buddy system ! What is it ? It is a mentoring between a French student and an international one. It allows to help you inside the school or in the city. This system creates strong relationship between students. If …

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Diner at the creperie

To present Brittany food at the international students, we proposed a diner at a local creperie. We propose only two menus

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Guided tour of Rennes

During the arrival period, our first event was a guided tour of the city of Rennes with the partnership of the tourism office. This was an historical tour about the old city and the famous streets. There are some famous buildings like the parlment of Brittany or the opera of Rennes.

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